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Let’s Talk About…Who We Are


Talk of the Town is a digital entertainment news outfit with a bold, outside-the-box approach to coverage of all things pop culture relating to the Nature Island of Dominica.


Since we first came on the scene with the first, exclusive story of how Gholda James, the up-and-coming model from Pointe Michel, landed in a London prison, we have reached tens of thousands of people via print and fb alone.


We want to reach more of you. We intend to reach you wherever you are, as long as you have an interest in the Nature Island of Dominica.  And that is whether you live IN or OUT of the 290 square miles of unmatchable greenery.


What we want to do and what we have wanted to do from the time the idea for Talk of the Town was born is to put our lens on the missing society pages, the soft stories about the people we just love to talk about, the people we can’t get enough of, and introduce you to those people you didn’t even know you were interested in. We want to own that space. And it is critical to add, that we intend to do this with no meanness of intent. Instead, our commitment is to do really great, groundbreaking, work that pushes the envelope and maybe, just maybe, inspires you to make you just want to wake up, kick ass, and repeat—in YOUR own field.


But most of all, we want to remind you of Dominica everyday!


Don’t worry.  We got you!