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The So-Called Dentist Is Helping UWP Raise Funds BUT What About His Own Court-Appointed 135K Debt—We Have The Story On That


By tott* July 05, 2019 


So…Police Officer turn Calypsonian Abel “Checko” JnoBaptiste is billed as one of the guest artistes on a fund raiser for the Opposition United Workers Party (UWP) down to take place in New Jersey in the United States on July 06, 2019.  


The billing sounds completely normal, legit even, right? A performer/entertainer helping his political party to raise money to fund its campaign to face the upcoming general election. What’s the issue? Yeah, completely legit. Until you look a little closer. 


This same performer who is at the service of an organization to build ITS purse still owes the full sum of one hundred and thirty-five THOUSAND dollars (the full amount) to Dominica’s former Ambassador to Venezuela Dr. Philbert Aaron more than two years after the so-called Dentist lost an appeal on a defamation lawsuit at the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court. In other words, the Calypsonian has paid not one single dollar towards the court-appointed debt. 


Buuutt….here’s what Talk of the Town has found out that makes the matter even more interesting. And by interesting we mean, sketchy. Checko has been telling anyone who will listen that he has made payment to the former Ambassador, saying too that he has taken out a commercial loan to do so. 


Actually, we have been reliably informed that the police officer-calypsonian even told top-ranking officials of the Dominica Calypso Association that he has been paying the outstanding amount directly to the court. As if payment to a COURT is not a provable matter. Well, it is. 


Tott has been told that the High Court in Dominica has informed that it has no record of payment from the police officer. Sooooo, Checko has in fact, continued his lies against the former Diplomat—first lying in his calypsos and then continuing the lies about the status of payment. Uh, we have a question. When will the lies end? 


Dr. Aaron first filed a defamation lawsuit against Checko in 2012 after the then calypso newcomer released his calypso ‘Bug Her.’ His ‘second song’ to the calypso that brought him calypso fame—‘AM/PM.’ Checko lost the first round and was ordered by the High Court to pay a total of one hundred and thirty-five thousand dollars. 


In 2016, Checko’s lawyer Singuola Bloomquist-Williams wrote to the lawyer for Dr. Aaron, Noelize Knight-Didier offering a settlement in the matter for seventy-five thousand dollars. That offer was accepted. THEN, about a month later, Knight-Didier was informed by Bloomquist-Williams that the High Court judgment was going to be appealed. Talk about left field. 


At the appeal hearing in February 2017, all three Justices of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court agreed that the appeal was without merit. The Justices threw out every single defense that Bloomquist-Williams threw at them. They threw out the defense that the song was a calypso and calypso was part of the culture of Dominica and was therefore fair game. Actually, the Justices threw that out of the window so hard if someone had been on the sidewalk they’d have been in serious trouble. The Justices even threw out the defense that the amount assigned by the High Court of one hundred thirty-five thousand dollars was too high. All three Justices poured cold water on that suggestion. And scolded Bloomquist-Williams for raising such an argument. The Justices informed Williams and ‘Checko’ that the then Diplomat was a respectable man in the Dominican society, was married, and in fact entitled to his good name. AND, the Justices also informed Bloomquist-Williams that her client aggravated the matter with not just one song, but multiple.  


Yow, truth be told, the only thing the Justices didn’t do was literally laugh straight in the face of Checko’s lawyer Singuola Bloomquist-Williams. The Justices actually told Williams that they were shocked that a knowledgeable lawyer like herself would have taken on such a case and furthermore take it to Appeals Court. According to the Justices, Williams should have advised the police officer-calypsonian immediately that he could not win such a case and asked him to apologize and settle with Dr. Aaron. 


The Justices were so unanimously appalled by the defenses brought to the Appeals Court that they did something very interesting—they told Dr. Aaron’s lawyer Noelize Knight-Didier that they didn’t NEED to hear from her at all in the matter. 


Long story short, Checko has been adding insult to injury in this matter for years. And that is even after he asked Dr. Aaron privately—after coming to the Office of the Prime Minister—TO HAVE MERCY ON HIM. 


That is after sitting back and hearing calypsonian after calypsonian, including the young (ish) ‘Black Diamond’ in 2019 (IN 2019) sing that the Calypso Association has not done anything to help Checko—and apparently not setting the record straight in the public. Instead, allowing the DCA to look a fool. Here’s the record on that one, officials of the DCA have mediated a deal between the two parties and Checko has not held up to his end.   


Tott has learned that the matter is expected to go back to court—the lawyer for Dr. Aaron will be asking the Court to decide on an action since the, uh, Dentist, who, BTW, is an officer of the Court, has failed to honor a judgment of the Court.    


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